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Marriage was intended to last an eternity, which is why most couples think that their marriage will stand the test of time. However, statistics have shown that nearly 50 percent of couples split up within fifteen years after they get married. Divorce has become a very common occurrence, but it is still very painful for the parties involved.

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There are many challenges and questions that couples face after they end their marriage. Deciding who gets what can be challenging, especially if there is no pre-nup. Couples who have children have a even more complicated time. In fact, one of the main things that couples fight about is who will get custody of the children.

Picking up the pieces and moving one is another one of the major challenges that the divorcing couple faces. Many people get depressed after they get a divorce because they are losing someone who was a major part of their life. There is no way that the pain of divorce can be undone, but it can be made a little easier. Hiring an Indianapolis divorce lawyer can help you in the following ways:

*Can help you decide who will get custody of the children*. Again, this is a major issue that most couples fight about. A lawyer takes into account the child(ren’s) best interest and helps decide the best arrangement.

*Make the process of divorce go quicker.* A divorce can take months. A lawyer can help expedite this process and make it go more smoothly.

The ending of a marriage is complicated because there is so much that the splitting couple has to decide on. A divorce is painful, but one does not have to go through it alone. That is why people should consider hiring a divorce lawyer. A divorce attorney can help th process go smoother for everyone who is involved.

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