Oct 242011

The pain of divorce

Most couples go into their marriage thinking that it will never end. However, studies have shown that approximately half of couples will split up within fifteen years of their marriage. The fact that divorce is so common does not make it any less painful.

The ending of a marriage brings about many questions and challenges. If a couple does not have a prenup, they may have trouble deciding who gets what. Divorce is even more complicated if there are children involved. One of the major things that divorcing couples fight about is who will get custody of the children.

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At the same time, the people involved in the split may have trouble picking up the pieces of their lives and moving forward. When a person gets married, the other person becomes a major part of his or her life. That is why so many people fall into depression after they get a divorce. Couples who are divorcing should consider hiring an Indianapolis divorce lawyer. Below are some ways that an Indianapolis Divorce lawyer can help make divorce a less painful process for everyone:

*No prenup, no problem*. Many couples do not have a prenup and as a result, they fight about who will get the assets that they both accumulated during the marriage.

*Custody of the children*. One of the major challenges of divorce is deciding who will get custody of the children. A qualified lawyer will help the divorcing parents decide the best custody arrangement by taking into account the child(ren)’s best interest.

*Quicker process*. A divorce can be a long and drawnout process that can take months. A divorce lawyer can help this process go quicker and more smoothly.

The ending of a marriage is complicated, but fortunately divorce lawyer can help this process a lot less painful.

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