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Here is some information based on an article written years ago. Its pretense is based on parents thinking that their “good” divorce will keep their children from suffering unnecessarily. But they’re most likely wrong.

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Many people assume that most marriages end only when parents are at each other’s throats this is all too often not the case. But the reasons can often be far less urgent, like boredom or the midlife blahs. Since the original research was done it has most likely only gotten worse. Research shows that at the time, two-thirds of divorces now end low-conflict marriages, where there is no abuse, violence or serious fighting.

After those low-conflict marriages ended, the children suddenly struggled with a range of issues like anxiety, depression, problems in school that they did have prior to the divorce. From a child’s point of view, the waxing and waning cycles of adult unhappiness that characterize many marriages are often not all that obvious. In most cases parents hide their personal issues from the children. This is especially true for the children of low-conflict marriages. There isn’t any way to hide divorce, and it is in many cases a massive blow to the child that comes out of nowhere.

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